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Safety Plan Update


The following are from our new safety plan required by Entergy (July of 2020):

GPS. We have installed GPS devices on every vehicle and piece of equipment. This system establishes accountability with real-time fleet visibility. The GPS helps ensure safe driving as well as emergency location information. It is often of assistance in safety investigations. It also serves as the “eye in the sky” to all employees which ultimately increases their focus and awareness during the work day and improves our safety culture.

Tools and Traps Program. We have adopted several policies to address the human side of our business and ensure a safety culture that will not permit shortcuts or the failure to follow established safety rules and procedures. This includes (i) teaching three core aspects when using Tools and Traps in the field and (ii) four key Tools and Traps to train employees to be engaged in their tasks, be aware of the traps and know and use their Tools. We have issued STAY SAFE cards and stickers in the field that display that four Tools and Traps along with questions to ask on each jobsite.

Crew Management System (Portal). We have developed and implemented a proprietary crew management system (portal) to increase safety, accountability, accessibility of information, accuracy of compliance and overall tracking on an individual level. The portal manages certifications and training records for our entire workforce. Daily updates and reminders are pushed automatically to the regional general foremen and general foremen. The portal allows a one-look way to quickly identify any gaps in training or certifications, which are then addressed immediately. This safeguard prevents an oversight with respect to training or certification. The portal also tracks and reports safety observations, DOT audits, and tree felling audits, which allows us to identify trends and promote accountability. It has also increased management’s ability to oversee these areas and ask the necessary questions. The portal also provides access to safety and training videos. The portal is accessible by all managers, safety specialists and general foremen. Further, all employees have access to the status of their own training records and certification. The portal is a bullet-proof system to ensure compliance with training and certification requirements.